Pop-A-Lock began in 1991 as a car door unlocking service and is now the largest car door unlocking service in the United States. Pop-A-Lock guarantees its services and stands behind its 24-hour availability. Pop-A-Lock continues to be the leader in the car door unlocking business by providing our customers fast, professional service at competitive rates.

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We are looking for qualified franchisees for big and mid size exclusive territories, worldwide. Practically non of our franchisees had preceding business specific experience. Now’s the time to start your own Pop-A-Lock franchise and become portion of our incredibly successful team. We welcome you to learn more about the possibilities get the most out of our exciting franchise business opportunity.

Pop-A-Lock is the leader in mobile security services as well as the sole national firm in its category. (4000 Mobile Tech Service Centers Nationally). We are always working to add national and regional customers that generate sales opportunities to our existing franchisee core market base. Pop A Lock is a company that’s thriving in these tough economic times because we’re dominant and recession proof. We’re combining multiple industry sectors which are fragmented that total over $100 billion. Pop A Lock provides a consistent chance for on going income/wealth creation for the franchise candidate to think about as they investigate a business of their own.

Our Services

Maybe you have seen the TV show, 24? For Iphones, we have an exclusive Pop-A-Lock App and locksmith locator Program, right now! (see the I-Phone store.)

Pop-A-Lock FranchiseLocksmithing We specialize in commercial, residential and automotive locksmith services. This consists of high tech and closeness access, managed access and private keyway systems.

Emergency Car Door Unlocking (EDU) Plan, under which we pledge to open a vehicle for free any time individual life is in danger, which usually means a child locked inside. Since beginning we’ve saved over 250,000 children from fast vehicles. This program is a precious contribution to the communities that you simply serve and is a memorable way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. It also helps us develop strong relationships with authorities, fire, and other emergency services.

Our all-inclusive two week new franchisee training program familiarizes you to different components, including the franchisees amount of previous business experience), this program presents you to the various facets of managing one of our franchises, including businesses, standards, human resources, management, accounting, and promotion and marketing. Pop-A-Lock supplies support visits by operations, advertising, and sales. We’ve got a mentor program scheduled monthly systemwide calls, regional and national meetings, operation team calls for franchisees biweekly.

Pop-A-Lock FranchiseMarketing and Advertising

Time tested marketing/advertising/sales/P.R. training and programs offered to all of our franchisees . Our franchisees experience the benefits of our deep reductions for media. Our Director and Supervisor of Promotion/Promotion will undoubtedly be available to you to offer advice, guidance, and resources for your advertisements and marketing needs. Additionally accessible to you at no fee will be our Internet/Yellow Page advertising consultant. Become a franchisee and figure out how this could be the major key to your success.



Financial Assistance Provided: Yes


Lease Negotiation Assistance: No

Recruiting Assist: Yes

Combined Advertising: Yes

Training: The Pop-A-Lock franchisee Training Program introduces you to the various facets of managing one of our franchises, including businesses, standards, human resources, management, bookkeeping, and advertising and promotion.

This program is followed by specialized training for your staff. This training shows you/your staff the best way to utilize Pop-A-Locks proprietary equipment and techniques to open vehicles.

Should you or one of your workers afterwards become a certified teacher (after completing additional training and satisfying other conditions), you may be qualified to train your new technicians locally. You will also receive annual teacher recertification training.

Our franchise compliance specialists will periodically contact or see your franchise location to perform a field inspection and to meet with you. They’ll solicit your input and opinions, attempt to help you with any operational issues you might be facing, and share best practices through the franchise system.

We often post updated updated vehicle information and diagrams for our Private Opening Manual to a secure website where you’ll have the ability to download and print the updates. You and your technicians will even be able to contact a research and development specialist 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the event you need technical assistance to open a vehicle in the field.

By providing you with comprehensive training and support, Pop-A-Lock is still the leader in locksmithing and helps to ensure your new franchise company will have the very best possible chance for success.

Other Information: no build out, no real place, consequently no lease discussion. We offer available markets by population (minimum 100,000 people)

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