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The WAITING GAME¬® is a free, full-color, interactive, incentive-based monthly publication distributed anywhere consumers experience wait times (eg doctors’/dentists’ offices, car washes/dealerships, karate/dance studios, beauty salons and anywhere people wait for services). Franchisees get an exclusive distribution territory and sell advertising to local small and mid-sized businesses to generate income and profit. We provide content, graphic design, printing, and full support and training.

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  The WAITING GAME Publications Franchise

Downturn-Proof Low Overhead Home-Based Franchise

The Marketing Franchise Everybody Is WAITING For

Are you really searching to make a great income, while having the flexibility of owning your own home-based business, and do you have an interest in sales or publishing? If so, then The WAITING GAME is mainly for you!

The WAITING GAME is a free, full-color, interactive, incentive-based monthly publication distributed everywhere consumers encounter wait times (eg doctors/dentists offices, car washes/car dealers, karate/dance studios, beauty salons and anywhere folks wait for services). franchisees get an exclusive distribution land and sell advertising to local little and mid sized companies to produce income and gain. We provide content, graphical design, print, and full support and training.

With The WAITING GAME you have the pride of owning your own company providing a high quality, low cost marketing tool for local companies, and also a superb monthly publication for your community. The WAITING GAME franchise is able to help you achieve a number of your own personal aims. We give you the freedom to run your own enterprise, but using a supporting community of folks doing the exact same thing, a proven business model along with a trademarked name.

Benefits of The WAITING GAME Franchise

The WAITING GAME Publications FranchiseHome-based business

A home-based franchise allows you the independence to jump into the planet of entrepreneurship in this type of style that you will not be losing one half of your own life in order to succeed in the other.

Home based Business Report, Franchise Direct

Increasingly more people are choosing to work from dwelling for a variety of reasons, for example, requirement for flexibility, to get a better work/life balance, low overhead and running costs, and no commute to work. The WAITING GAME is 100% home based.

Low start-up prices

The toughest part about getting into business is the start-up capital that you just need But, the really innovative company thoughts are the ones that allow for low startup costs and high potential income.

Rivky Shimon

The WAITING GAMEs low franchise fee and startup is a fraction of several franchise opportunities and could be financed using a credit card, as opposed to obtaining a bank or small business loan. Most WAITING GAME franchisees experience a positive cash flow from the start and your first investment is usually covered in a matter of months.

Low overhead

Normally the key to being financially healthy is always to stay as thin as you possibly can. The point is to keep those recurring monthly expenses down as low as you possibly can! Stephen Nicholls, All Company

The WAITING GAME is a home based business without high fixed expenses. There are not any monthly lease fees, utility prices or other high costs that come with leasing space. There are not any inventory costs and no employees to be paid. A lot of people already have a phone and a computer so no additional expenses are necessary. Your tax professional can supply more details regarding write offs and the tax savings involved in managing your own home-based company.

The WAITING GAME Publications FranchiseRecession-proof business

The WAITING GAME was created and thrived during one of many worst economies in history. There is ALWAYS a demand for cost effective advertising.

Great income

The WAITING GAME can be profitable from the start. Whether you decide to publish one variant (part time) or four variations you’ll be able to get the executive income you desire.

Full support and training

The WAITING GAME will take you through complete boot camp training to get you prepared for all aspects of your brand-new company. A comprehensive operations manual, designed as a self-teaching tool covering your business operations from start to finish, will be supplied to you. Additionally, you will receive continuing support on a daily basis as well as a franchisee only Intranet to speak with other franchisees about your business and to share experiences.



Training: A comprehensive operations manual, which is designed as a self-teaching tool, will be supplied to you with details covering your business operations begin to end. The WAITING GAME also provides continuing support on a daily basis in addition to a franchisee only intranet to speak with other franchisees about your company and to share experiences.

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